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Submission details

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

A fundraising compilation, 1.12.23

Call for submissions Leeds for Palestine (@Leeds4Pal) is a compilation (run alongside @Mcr4Pal) to raise funds for a charity on the ground in Gaza, going on sale Bandcamp Friday 1st Dec and remaining on sale for the whole month of December. If you would like to submit a track for the compilation, please do so by the evening of Friday 24th November. The compilation will be up for the whole of the month, then closed and money donated. Charity TBA, but someone on the ground in Gaza. Submission: Your track (any genre, spoken word, poetry, sound design, acousmatic, all welcome) would be part of a compilation priced at £10 (or more if the buyer decides). 100% of income which is NOT taken by Bandcamp will go to the chosen charity. Full transparency with money raised: income will be screen-grabbed daily. We are drafting a contract for those that would like it. Sunday December 31st will be the final day for people to buy the comp – the project will then be removed from Bandcamp. THANK YOU

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